Thursday, August 6, 2015

Movie Review: Volumes of Blood

There are few things I enjoy more than discovering a little-known horror gem. Movies like Alan Rowe Kelly's The Bloodshed, for instance. Or, the hilarious Isle of the Damned. But, in recent years, finding a true work of original art among the indie horror scene has become a fruitless endeavor. Or, at least it has been until now...

Recently, I received a screener for a film called Volumes of Blood from the film's director, P.J. Starks and let me tell you, this is what I've been looking for!

Volumes of Blood is a horror anthology consisting of five shorts, all taking place within a local library, but with a unique twist. The movie follows a sociology student and his three friends as they try to help him create a new urban legend. Taking place on Halloween night, the movie offers visualized depictions of each friend's take on their own "perfect" urban legend.

Wanna hear a scary story?
Volumes of Blood is true indie, guerrilla-style film-making at its absolute best. At times scary, at times hilarious, this is a movie that has a lot to give.

But, what impressed me most about Volumes of Blood is the sheer quality of the movie itself. For such a low-budget film, the movie is beautifully shot and boasts an exceptional musical score.

This movie can mess with your head!
The acting is perfect for the type of movie that it is and the final act is not only surprisingly effective, but completely genius.

Not since Trick r' Treat has there been a better anthology focused around Halloween. And, for that reason (and the reasons listed above), Volumes of Blood should be required viewing this and every holiday season.

I absolutely loved this film and highly recommend it. I give Volumes of Blood ***** out of *****

Check out the trailer for Volumes of Blood below.